Visa SavingsEdge Redesign

Redesigning the Visa SavingsEdge platform to be a best-in-class customer experience.


During my time as a Senior Visual & Interaction Designer at Punchcut, I worked on an 8-week project aimed at reimagining the Visa SavingsEdge platform. Our goal was clear: to transform the platform into a best-in-class experience, providing global users with an engaging and scalable solution.




Sr. Visual & Interaction Designer


Research & Discovery, IA, Wireframing, User Flows, UI/UX Design, Design Systems, Prototyping, Content Strategy




8 weeks




What is Visa SavingsEdge?

Visa SavingsEdge offers discounts to small businesses when they use Visa Business cards at participating merchants. The website is used for enrollment, offer browsing, account mgmt, and support.

A screen shot of the everyday savings page.

  Original Visa SavingsEdge website


A Dated Experience

The SavingsNow enrollment experience and loyalty website needed modernization. The dated interface and user experience were hindering user engagement and integration. 

A screenshot of the savings edge website. A bunch of coupons are shown on someones website.

  Before & after of Instant Savings & Instant Coupons from Visa SavingsEdge

Business Goals

A Modernized Experience

Foster user engagement by creating a modernized program that delivers an improved experience.

Global Scalability

Design with flexibility in mind to ensure easy scalability across global markets.

Seamless Integration

Craft a design tailored for effortless integration of APIs across a spectrum of client environments.

Project Approach

Week 1

• Discovery Workshop
• Discovery Summary
• Competitive/Comparative Audits

Week 2–4

• User Archetypes
• User Hero Flows

• Tone Exercise
• Experience Board Concepts
• Information Architecture
• UX Concepts
• Content Strategy
• Wireframing

Week 5–8

• Final Wireframing
• High-Fidelity Design

• Copywriting
• Clickable Prototypes
• Mobile Design
• Whitelabel Designs

Week 8
Final Handoff!

Success Metrics


Seamless Migration

Streamline seamless migration of over one million Visa Business cardholders.


Improve Core Metrics

The new product will boost engagement, enrollment, and payment volume.


Generate Excitement

Build excitement with Visa teams and issuer partners about the new experience.


Drive New Partnership

Reposition Visa as a valuable partner with an experience  that can be scaled globally.


Competitive Audit

We examined navigation, content hierarchy, brand presentation of member benefits, enrollment process, and overall brand personality.


• Messaging tailored to business needs
• Streamlined & segmented forms
• Easy to understand & access offers

A bunch of different types of credit cards
A bunch of pages that are open to the content.

Comparative Audit

Consumer loyalty programs provide valuable insights into content strategy, UX, and visual design. We analyzed benefit presentation, content hierarchy, and overall brand presence.


• Incentivized enrollment & tasks
• Enrollment-protected offer marketplace
• Progress is clear


Information Architecture + Hero Flows

I collaborated with my team to revamp information architecture, simplifying enrollment and offer discovery and usage. User hero flows were then crafted to define key interactions.

A two page layout of the same site.

  Information Architecture diagrams

A series of five pages with the same theme.

  User Flows helped to define key interactions

The Solution


Over the course of 8 weeks, we redesigned the Visa SavingsEdge website to create a best-in-class experience for customers that’s both engaging and scalable.

A woman sitting at a table with a laptop.

A new experience, with more comprehensive offerings, guides users to enroll, discover benefits, and fosters repeated engagement with the platform.

A woman sitting at a table with coffee and phone.


The new design for the marketing Homepage, accessible when logged-out, encourages users to initiate activation and link their card through visually appealing prompts optimized for better conversion rates.

A page with several different types of business cards.

  Redesigned logged-out Homepage


Instant Coupons

Instant Coupons facilitates user activation by guiding them to link their card, while also offering access to view Instant Coupons without a card linked.

A bunch of different companies are on the same page

  Redesigned logged-out Instant Coupons


Enroll & Activate

Activation and enrollment is designed with ease of use in mind. Steps are broken into digestible chunks with support copy guiding the user.

A series of blue and white pages with instructions.

  Redesigned Activation & Enrollment flow



Login screen redesigned with new visual styles and components.

A screen shot of the visa savings edge login page.

  Updated Login screen for enrolled users



The updated Visa SavingsEdge Dashboard offers improved onboarding and a clear overview of earnings and offers for new users.

Educational Modules

Time-based Interactive educational modules simplify user onboarding and prompt feature exploration.


Cashback Tracker

Users can access the Cashback Tracker for intuitive earnings monitoring through interactive modules and a more indepth transaction table.


Filtering Offers

Revamped Explore Offer pages with simplified filtering and location search, allowing users to find and engage with relevant offers.

A series of screens showing different types of apps.

  Explore Offers lets users easily filter merchant offers & search by location


Offer Types

Selecting "Explore Offers" reveals a sub-navigation for offer types: Online Cashback, In-Store Cashback, Travel Cashback, and Instant Coupons. Each tab includes a "how it works" guide to familiarize users.

A series of screens showing different types of websites.

  Explore Offer tabs for different offer types


Global Search

Users can find offers easily with the redesigned Global Search, with featured offers and real-time suggestions for quicker results.


Offer Details

Location-specific Offer Details provides a map/list view for convenience, and Standard Offer Details provide more relevant offers.

A group of three screens showing different types of websites.

  Location-based & Standard Offer Details


Profile & Settings

User Profile and Settings with personal info, linked cards, password/security, and notification settings.

A page with multiple fields for the user.

  Redesigned Profile & Settings for user account settings

A series of images showing the various types of user interface.

  Design System for Visa SavingsEdge


Design System

Throughout the design phase, I worked to establish a robust design system for the new SavingsEdge website, referencing patterns from Visa's Product Design System. I prioritized accessibility and responsiveness, crafting interactive Figma components for streamlined prototyping and a toolkit for Visa to use in development.


Whitelabel System

Boosting global partnerships was a primary goal for Visa. Whitelabeled examples of SavingsEdge designs for issuer partner brands like DoorDash and Lili show how the system can be applied to custom experiences while maintaining a unified UX across platforms.

A series of images showing different types of web pages.

  Whitelabel design system & screen examples for DoorDash & Lili

Mobile Experience


A Responsive Experience

In addition to the web experience, it was important to consider how the experience would translate to mobile. For the first version, the focus was on core features, but the design was created to scale for future mobile enhancements. 

A series of screens showing different types of mobile application.

Key Takeaways

User-Centric Approach

Emphasizing clear pathways and effective communication prioritized user engagement and enrollment, ensuring a seamless experience.

Adaptable Design

The design adapts to partner merchant branding needs, ensuring a cohesive user experience while maintaining consistent UI.

Innovation Sparks Change

Embracing innovation drove transformative outcomes for Visa, proving the power of design to catalyze positive change. 

Real-world Impact

The project's success is measured by its tangible impact on users' lives, reaffirming the power of thoughtful design.


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